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  • GRS by Software Enterprises

    The cutting edge in workforce management

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  • Workforce Management

    GRS provides a robust resource planning tool which meets all the key elements essential in resource management.

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GRS Overview

Software Enterprises develops, implements and supports GRS, the Global Rostering System product suite. GRS is a multi-platform solution, providing comprehensive Resource Management capabilities to an international customer base.


SEL is the leading supplier to Emergency Services across the UK where effective and efficient delivery of resources is paramount to public health and safety; tens of thousands of emergency services staff are scheduled using GRS within the UK.


Shift Scheduling, Absences, Time Management, Demand Profiling and sophisticated integration capabilities are key GRS features, enabling organisations to lower operating costs and maximise resource potential.


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GRS Features

Rostering and Duty Management

GRS automates development and maintenance of rosters, enabling efficient use of staff time. Day-to-day tools allow short notice changes, while demand and forecasting facilities let you look to the future of your resources.

Employee Self Service

The employee self service aspects reduce central workload, helping to avoid repetitive administrative procedures and empowering employees and giving them confidence in organisational procedures.

Interfacing with other Systems

GRS can work with your existing systems, allowing a single point of entry for key information and, with robust transfers of data, giving you confidence in the quality the information your organisation relies on.

Recording and Analysis

GRS modules work together, combining comprehensive absence recording with tools for workforce planning. Reporting facilities enable workforce data interrogation and monitoring against policies and targets.

Automated Notifications and Alerts

Customisable notifications and alerts can be set up to avoid breaking local and organisation-wide rules, encourage policy compliance and to help employees in their daily planning tasks. 

Mobile Solutions

GRS Web and GRS Mobile components of the product suite enable managers and staff to log in to GRS with their mobile devices, providing access to management tools and the employee self service features.


What our customers say

  • The new GRS Web went live when we upgraded to version 3 on the full client, the web has gone through a complete re-write and is not just a face lift on an older version...I have had nothing but positive feedback from our usually very discerning staff... 

    Jerry Hillman-Smith
    Production Manager, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust
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  • As a result of us reviewing all our associated structures and processes we estimate that we have saved in the region of £2 million whilst at the same time improving customer service and experience due to the introduction of self service and improved availability of information.

    Kathryn Chadd
    Head of HR Shared Services/FIRMS Strategic Lead, South Wales Police
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