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The GRS Product Suite

The GRS product suite has been developed for organisations that operate pattern based and ad-hoc shift systems and is particularly suited for use in 24/7 environments. GRS has many configurable options and incorporates key aspects for Operational Administration, Scheduling and Management of personnel. It includes a full and comprehensive integrated module for the management of shift pattern working, time worked, overtime and absences of any type. Flexibility and customisation capabilities ensure that GRS is capable of managing the diversity of full-time, part-time and dual working contracts; dealing with the complexities of your organisation’s local rules and interpretations of personnel contracts. 


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Rostering and Duty Management


Intelligent rostering for complex organisations

GRS delivers an intelligent roster and duty management solution which enables you to easily manage shifts for all the workforce across your organisation.  

Benefits include:

  • Ability to manage all types of staff groups: Operational, Administrative, Part-Time, External and On-Call  
  • Caters for staff with multiple contracts and working at multiple locations
  • Rapid assessment of staff availability and the ability to prioritise staff by skill type, staff group and shift pattern by location, function or hour of day
  • Staff and Group Monitor graphical analysis, providing both a real time and forecasting view of resource levels, changing dynamically as staff become absent from duty or return to work
  • Ability to manage for special events, either planned such as a concert or a short notice operation with the added facility to be able to report on both forecasted and actual costs





Employee Self-Service and Mobile Solutions


Intuitive Employee self-service and the GRS App

The GRSWeb portal and GRS App can be made available to all staff, providing cost effective, easy access to information and essential self service facilities such as: 

  • Update personal details and contact information
  • Maintain skills, qualifications and competency profile
  • View shift and absence information (managers can have additional permissions to update shifts and absences)
  • Review, request and book shift swaps with other members of staff
  • Review and volunteer for vacant shifts
  • Manage time off and access individual leave balance summaries including Annual Leave, Flexi-Time, Re-rostered Rest Days and Time Off in Lieu
  • Review, update and submit timesheets online
  • Extensive range of management reporting tools 

Benefits to your organisation include improvements to data accuracy and consistency, reduction of administration effort and the streamlining of processes.



Annual Leave and Absence Management



Making it easy to track, record and manage absences

GRS makes it easier to plan and manage Annual Leave, Sickness and General Absences. 

Benefits include:

  • Reduces the resources required for the administration of annual leave
  • Allows visibility of absence trends and warnings of absence related problems
  • Automatic calculations of annual leave entitlements for different staff groups
  • Eliminate shortages of key skilled staff
  • System alerts of potential staff leave clashes
  • Bradford Score Report available
  • System alerts of Sickness Trigger Points

Time Sheets and Overtime

 Automate your time and attendance processes

Benefits and features:

  • Clock in via mobile devices, online through GRSWeb or traditional clocking machines
  • Reduces the resources required for the administration of payroll
  • Manages paid absences
  • Manages overtime rates subject to organisation rules
  • Export data seamlessly by interfacing with your existing payroll systems